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Septums: A Look at the Trend

One of the cool things about working in the fashion industry is seeing what is trending.  A lot of fashion bloggers identify trends by observing what is hot on the runway or what celebrities are donning.

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One of the advantages I have beyond observations is that I sell jewelry to retailers so I know what is trending mainstream and I have the sales data to back it up.  So yeah, Rihanna may be wearing faux septums in her 2014 tour across Europe or Lady Gaga may be posting her septum on Instagram, but I know that the trend didn’t start truly hitting across American malls until early 2015.

What are septums or faux septums?

The septum piercing has been around for awhile.  Starting as a rite of passage across ancient tribes from North America to Asia, septums aren’t anything new.  However, as trends go, we are constantly cycling through past styles.  The term nasal septum refers to the soft cartilage between your nostrils.  The term septum (in this case) refers to the nose jewelry that one would place in the piercing.

Thinking about septum piercings make me squeamish.  In that spirit I would like to focus on faux (pronounced “foh“) septums.  Faux septums are just a fancy way of saying: clip on septums or fake septums.  Faux septums do not require piercings and are a very easy way to accomplish that edgy look.  Faux septums have a gap between the metal posts where you can clip it onto your nose.  See below picture of what faux septums look like.

How do you wear faux septums?

Faux septums are pretty easy to wear.  Typically, the faux septums are a one size fit all.  Before placing the faux septum in your nose, I do recommend taking a alcohol wipe to clean down the metal posts especially if you just bought it from the store.  After cleaning, gently place the faux septum in your nose (between your two nostrils).  It should just slide right in–the tiny ball at the end of each post should rest against your nasal septum at this point so that it is somewhat secure.  Occasionally if the fit isn’t quite right, you can take the septum off and bend the metal a little though I recommend doing this very carefully as you may snap the jewelry since it is delicate.  Also, this is somewhat dependent on the type of faux septum.  If the faux septum has a lot of embellishments or stones, I do not recommend trying to adjust the size.

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The cool thing about faux septums is that you can wear them for any occasion whether you are trying to make your dress-to-impress outfit unique or you just want to make your jeans and t-shirt look a little more edgy, faux septums can help.

Check out our faux septum collection to see more styles.

Wearing a faux septum to get that edgy look

Leslie wearing a faux septum to get that edgy look

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