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5 Tips for Wearing the Right Necklace

Often, we will get questions about how to select the right necklace for the outfit.  That’s why we started the necklace of the week: to illustrate how the same necklace can be worn with many different types of outfits.  A necklace can really compliment or even complete an outfit so it’s a good idea that you pick the right necklace for the right outfit especially if you are going for a statement piece.

In general, many girls pick their outfit first and then try to match back to a necklace.  This makes sense as the outfit is heavily dependent on the weather, the occasion (i.e. work, girls night out, lazy Sunday, etc.), or even your mood.  If you are wearing a simple necklace such as a little pendant, it will go with pretty much everything.  But what happens when you want to wear something a little bolder.  How do you pull this off?  How do you pick the right necklace for your outfit?

Part 2 for the week. A good necklace works with a button down or open skin. If you love it, you'll wear it. Don't settle for likes. #differentoutfitsamenecklace #necklace #statementnecklace #layers #gettingready #nightout #work #elegant #empowering #dresstoimpress #dressforsuccess #boholovers #bohochic #boheglam #jewelry #chic #womensfashion #styleinspiration #todayimwearing #stylingtips #bloggerstyle #accessories #instafashion #instastyle #fashionblogger #10pmfashion #turquoise

A good necklace works with a button down or open skin. If you love it, you’ll wear it. Don’t settle for likes.

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Necklace of the Week (Red)

This week’s necklace was a little more tame.  It’s opposite of last week’s neon yellow necklace that grabbed your attention right from the start.  This necklace is much more subtle and seductive.  So how do you make a necklace that whispers to you attention-grabbing?  Well, for starters, you really need to pick your outfits carefully!

Red Statement Necklace - Dress to Impress

Red Statement Necklace – Dress to Impress

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Necklace of the Week (Neon)

This week’s necklace was really fun to play around with.  It was a neon yellow statement necklace.  Neon is bright and bold and can be intimidating to wear because it stands out so much.  But you can use this to your favor, you just need to own it!

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Necklace of the Week 3 (Long Layered)

This is week three of our necklace of the week photoshoot.  This week I picked a long layered necklace versus the statement necklaces I have been wearing in previous weeks.  I like long long layered necklaces because it accentuates the body.

Sometimes you want a necklace to be like a collar that brings attention to your neck and face.  But with long necklaces the attention is drawn downwards towards your chest, leaving your shoulders and neck exposed.  A completely different look that can really change an outfit.

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Necklace of the Week 2 (Turquoise)

This is week two of our necklace of the week photoshoot.  The premise is simple, I change the outfit each day of the week, but reuse the same necklace.

I started this out because sometimes I hear girls tell me that they can only wear a certain necklace with one type of outfit.  For example, my friend Kim told me the other day that she doesn’t like to buy statement necklaces because she can only wear them when she dresses up.  I think this is simply not true.

A lot of girls don’t know how a necklace that may look formal, can work with a casual outfit as well.  So I started necklace of the week to illustrate my point that necklaces can be very versatile.  Necklaces can help compliment an outfit and a lot of times complete an outfit. Continue Reading


Necklace of the Week

At 10PM Fashion, we believe that the necklace should compliment the outfit and sometimes even complete the outfit. To illustrate our point, we are going to take a picture once a day of a different outfit….with the same necklace.

Pick your poison: workwear, night out, casual Sunday, and everydaywear.

This week’s necklace was one of 10PM’s statement necklaces featuring small white flower petals made from stones.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

This will be a weekly event and we hope you will follow along as we do it on our Instagram account: @itstenpm


Boho and Boho Glam

What is boho?  What is boho glam?  Is it an actual trend or just fashionista babble?  Hmmmmm….  Surprisingly this is a question I get quite often in my inbox.  I think some of the challenge in defining these styles is that you have to see it to define it; not to mention there is a lot of crossover in the style.  That being said, I am going to take a stab at it.



Boho derives from the term bohemian which was a word that was commonly used to describe people from Bohemia, a region of Europe which in turn became known for traveling wanderers (i.e. gypsies).  The people from the region traditional garb would be colorful and bright.  In later years, the fashion term was shortened to boho and was used to describe a hippie type of style: think the fashionable hippie who is free spirited and wears fringe skirts, layered flowing outfits, and warm colors.  This is the styling you would see at Coachella.  Since this needs to be visualized, here are some results from a quick Google image search for the term boho.

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