In The Spotlight: Alessia From Fleur d’Hiver

Fleur d’Hiver is the home of Alessia, 25-year old native of Rome, Italy. She started the blog in October of 2013 to share her passion for art, travel, and fashion. Currently she is a student studying linguistics at the University of Rome. Having lived in the United States, France, and Italy – her passion for clothes and fashion started at a young age, which eventually lead her down the path to creating Fleur d’Hiver.

What made you start Fleur d’Hiver?

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Necklace of the Week (Red)

This week’s necklace was a little more tame.  It’s opposite of last week’s neon yellow necklace that grabbed your attention right from the start.  This necklace is much more subtle and seductive.  So how do you make a necklace that whispers to you attention-grabbing?  Well, for starters, you really need to pick your outfits carefully!

Red Statement Necklace - Dress to Impress

Red Statement Necklace – Dress to Impress

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In The Spotlight: Kamara Harding From Euriental

As an outlet for her fashion, food, and travel infatuation, Euriental is Kamara Harding’s way of documenting her personal style and travel experiences. The name comes from her unique background, a mix of half English and half Chinese. As a third-culture kid, Kamara has lived in England, Nigeria, Austria, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. We recently caught up via email between her busy travel schedule:

Kamara Harding From Euriental

What Made You Start Euriental?

The enjoyment of creating something that takes time, effort and creativity. I’ve been blogging, like many others, since the Livejournal days and it just progressed naturally. Besides, my memory is pretty awful, so I like to have written & photographic accounts of my travels and experiences!

Kamara Harding From Euriental

What Keeps You Motivated To Work On The Website?

When I get positive feedback on something I am proud of or when a brand I like expresses interest, it makes me feel like I’m doing something right.

Kamara Harding From Euriental

Where Do You Get Your Fashion Inspiration?

Other blogs, Vogue and street style.

How Would You Describe Your Personal Style?

Casual chic. I either dress very femininely or very laid-back (aka jeans and loafers).

Kamara Harding of Euriental

Any Other Websites You Would Recommend That We Should Follow?

I love the photography on Angelica Blick’s blog ( Olivia Lopez of has gorgeous style.

How Do You Pick The Right Jewelry For An Outfit?

It depends on the colours. If my outfit is bright or loud, I keep accessories to a minimum. If colours are neutral (beige, blush, dusty pink), I opt for simple, delicate pieces, such as a thin rose gold necklace. With all black, you can go a bit bolder.

Dog Or Cat?

Impossible to choose! I really want an exotic shorthair, but I have grown up with dogs and they are impossible not to love.

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Necklace of the Week (Neon)

This week’s necklace was really fun to play around with.  It was a neon yellow statement necklace.  Neon is bright and bold and can be intimidating to wear because it stands out so much.  But you can use this to your favor, you just need to own it!

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In The Spotlight: Maggie Tate From Blush & Blooms

With a passion for fashion, fitness and lifestyle, Blush & Blooms is a source of inspiration and an outlet to share all things founder Maggie Tate fancies. She hopes to inspire and connect with people through her experiences, current obsessions, and love of life. Blush & Blooms includes everything on fashion finds, styling, health, fitness tips, interior decor, travel, and life. Maggie is a big fan of New York City (like ourselves), and we recently sat down with her for an email interview on what she’s up to.
Maggie Tate From Blush & Blooms Interview on 10PM Fashion

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Necklace of the Week 3 (Long Layered)

This is week three of our necklace of the week photoshoot.  This week I picked a long layered necklace versus the statement necklaces I have been wearing in previous weeks.  I like long long layered necklaces because it accentuates the body.

Sometimes you want a necklace to be like a collar that brings attention to your neck and face.  But with long necklaces the attention is drawn downwards towards your chest, leaving your shoulders and neck exposed.  A completely different look that can really change an outfit.

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J. Crew and the Man Who Dressed America – Movie Review

I was on a plane traveling to Asia when I was flipping through the channels to see what to watch.  I came across this CNBC documentary that was about J. Crew and I figured why the hell not…maybe it would put me to sleep.  Turned out it was quite interesting and consequently no sleep for me.

J Crew CNBCFast forward a few years; J. Crew has been making fashion headlines lately for all the wrong reasons: off target designs and declining quarterly sales.  I decided to write this review because it details the inner workings of J. Crew and gives some insight into why J. Crew is having issues now.  Onwards!

Rise, Fall, Rise Again

CNBC has a show called CNBC Originals (yes, I know, not very original) that delves into various topics from business profiles to various hot button issues. CNBC Originals decided to do a profile on Mickey Drexler and J. Crew in 2012 due to the phoenix-esque rise of J Crew.  The piece was called J. Crew and the Man Who Dressed America. Continue Reading


Spotlight Blogger: Giovanna From Boho Market

Giovanna Mariela is the founder of Boho Market, a free spirited blog started in 2010 that celebrates fashion, design, and creativity around the world. The name came from her love of all things bohemian and was inspired by what she found at flea markets and vintage stores. Her posts are a collection of the best boho-inspired fashion, interior decor, and her own outfit ideas. We recently caught up with her for a quick Q&A:

Spotlight Interview: Giovanna From Boho Market

What prompted you to decide to start writing your blog?

I’ve always loved writing, so I thought why not sharing the things I love in a place where I can fully express myself and talk about things I find inspiring? So creating a blog was perfect for that idea. I did it and it has been a wonderful experience!. Blogging has become an important part of my life now and since my blog has a very unique style, I had the opportunity to meet people who share the same vision, that’s one of the highlights of blogging. Continue Reading


Necklace of the Week 2 (Turquoise)

This is week two of our necklace of the week photoshoot.  The premise is simple, I change the outfit each day of the week, but reuse the same necklace.

I started this out because sometimes I hear girls tell me that they can only wear a certain necklace with one type of outfit.  For example, my friend Kim told me the other day that she doesn’t like to buy statement necklaces because she can only wear them when she dresses up.  I think this is simply not true.

A lot of girls don’t know how a necklace that may look formal, can work with a casual outfit as well.  So I started necklace of the week to illustrate my point that necklaces can be very versatile.  Necklaces can help compliment an outfit and a lot of times complete an outfit. Continue Reading