In The Spotlight: Zephyr Basine From College Fashion

Zephyr Basine From College Fashion

What Made You Start College Fashion?

I started College Fashion when I was a sophomore in college, way back in 2007. I loved reading fashion blogs (blogging was just starting to take off then!) but there was nothing aimed at my demographic – college women. I decided if it didn’t exist, I should create it, and College Fashion was born. We’re the original style blog for college women.

What Keeps You Motivated To Work On The Website?

I absolutely love what I do so it’s not difficult to stay motivated! I love helping our readers solve problems and build confidence through fashion. Fashion is such an amazing medium for self expression and creativity, so I adore being immersed in it every day.

Zephyr Basine From College Fashion

Where Do You Get Your Fashion Inspiration?

I get fashion inspiration from everywhere – from movies to song lyrics to home decor! I’m a very visual person so I love browsing, Pinterest, and Instagram. I screenshot everything on my phone so I have a constantly growing folder of fashion inspiration to draw from.

How Would You Describe Your Personal Style?

I would describe my style as modern minimalist with a bit of an edge – I love simple pieces with unique details, like a classic trench coat with studded shoulders, or black leather ankle boots with cutouts. I mostly stick to neutral tones and add interest with texture and detail.

Zephyr Basine From College Fashion

Any Other Websites Our Readers Should Follow?

I’m a huge fan of The Budget Babe, Byrdie, The Blonde Salad, and Fashion Toast, among millions of others. I also love home decor blogs like My Domaine and I Heart Organizing.

How do you pick the right jewelry for an outfit?

Lately I’ve been sticking to fewer, well-made pieces. One of my best friends is a jewelry designer ( so I’ve been wearing his custom pieces lately – they’re mainly nautical-inspired and I’m from Cape Cod so they remind me of home. I used to only buy cheap jewelry from fast fashion stores but I’ve been focusing on fewer, higher-quality pieces these days. I find that a couple of well-chosen quality pieces beat ten cheap pieces any day in terms of aesthetics. I’ve noticed this in the blogosphere as well, a trend towards fewer pieces of higher quality instead of the Forever 21 arm party.

Dog Or Cat?

Cat! I’m a certifiable crazy cat lady, plus my fiance’ is allergic to dogs anyway.

Zephyr Basine From College Fashion

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