In The Spotlight: Carmen Huter

Our featured blogger this week is Carmen Huter, who doubles as a fashion and travel blogger all-in-one. Whether lost in the Chinese highlands, hang gliding off the cliffs in Rio, or enjoying to beach at home in New Zealand, Carmen loves to experience nature and the world at its fullest. To connect with the environment and those around is her greatest joy in life. We recently caught up with her in between some travels to answer a few questions about her blog.

What made you start your website?

I started to create a platform where I am able to share my point of view, inspire to explore and embrace fashion, and connect with those around me.

What keeps you motivated to work on the website?

My vision as well as my passion for creativity and entrepreneurship.

Carmen Huter - Fashion And Travel Blogger

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

I live in a town with a relatively small fashion scene, so I get a lot of my inspiration online. I am always looking for new talent on Bloglovin, am of course subscribed to Vogue, and love streaming or attending fashion shows. I find movies to be a great source of inspiration, too. Ultimately, established fashion bloggers form around the world (from Zanita to Aimee Song) are amazing to refer back to as well.

How would you describe your personal style?

It’s no doubt multifaceted. In two words, I’d say sophisticated but eclectic.

Any other websites you would recommend to our readers to follow?

There are too many to choose from. I always come back to and though.

How do you pick the right jewelry for an outfit?

When using jewellery, I prefer to keep it simple with a beautiful watch, possibly adding some delicate rings or statement earrings.

Dog or cat?


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