In The Spotlight: Alessia From Fleur d’Hiver

Fleur d’Hiver is the home of Alessia, 25-year old native of Rome, Italy. She started the blog in October of 2013 to share her passion for art, travel, and fashion. Currently she is a student studying linguistics at the University of Rome. Having lived in the United States, France, and Italy – her passion for clothes and fashion started at a young age, which eventually lead her down the path to creating Fleur d’Hiver.

What made you start Fleur d’Hiver?

I’ve always liked everything about fashion, and I wanted to have my own blog where I could share the outfits and my ideas with the others. I’ve always loved to share fashion and beauty tips with friends, so I thought that it would nice to share them on the web as well with people all over the world.

What keeps you motivated to work on the website?

I just love what I do, and that’s enough for me. For now I feel like I will never get tired of fashion and everything related to this fabulous world, so I would say that the passion is my motivation. I’ve always liked to write, both in English and in Italian, and while blogging I have the feeling of always learning something new. The whole bloggging activity gives me a reason to be always more creative when it comes to find new topics and new inspirations.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

I get easily inspired by whatever is around me, but the real people are the ones who inspire the most. I love to observe the details and see how the items are matched. I also get inspired when I travel, because I get to see different fashion styles and it always gives me some great ideas. I usually remember what I’ve seen and then I adapt it on my personal style.

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is usually classic, but it depends on the occasion. You can find every kind of outfits on my blog because I like to try different styles. I absolutely love bright colors but most of the times I end up wearing black clothes.

Any other websites you would recommend to our readers to follow?

When I was in Paris I met Anna of The Balloon Diary, it’s a blog with an unique style and I’m sure that everyone would love it.

How do you pick the right jewelry for an outfit?

I pay attention to the details of what I’m already wearing, and then I pick the jewlery with the colors that match well with the whole outfit. When I’m wearing a simple outfit I like to add some unusual or very coloured jewelery because it gives a special touch to the complex.

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