In The Spotlight: Aishly From The Fashionably Late

This week my featured blogger is Aishly Tromp from the beautiful country of Aruba. She studied fashion marketing and worked in PR for a number of years in New York City before moving back home in September 2015. Inspired by the culture and fashion of NYC, she decided to start her own blog two years ago called The Fashionably Late to get involved with cool projects in the industry. I recently caught up with her on what she’s up to in the interview below, so check it out!

Aishly From The Fashionably Late

What made you start your website?

Well I started my blog The Fashionably Late, two years ago. I used to live in New York and at that time I really felt inspired by all the fashion, different cultures and street style. I also followed a few fashion bloggers and it really made me want to do that as well. I just love the concept of sharing style and fashion tips with readers around the world.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

I get my fashion inspiration from a lot of resources whether it’s runway shows, Instagram, other bloggers or magazines. It’s a combination of all these things.

Aishly From The Fashionably Late

How would you describe your style?

My style is boho meets feminine. I tend to lean towards a lot of boho pieces that have a 70’s feel but with a feminine aesthetic like an off the shoulder mini dress or suede mini skirt.

How do you choose jewelry for an outfit?

It always depends on what I’m wearing. If I happen to be wearing a print I’ll go for small simpler accessories. If I’m wearing a solid color I’ll go for statement pieces that really make my outfit stand out.

Aishly From The Fashionably Late

What’s your proudest moment so far running your website?

The proudest moment has to be when people recognize me through my blog and tell me how much they like what I’m doing. That to me is the most rewarding thing about running/writing The Fashionably Late.

What advice would you give yourself if you had to start over again?

To not get discouraged about blogging. There are so many bloggers out there writing about the same things that I write about and it can be overwhelming to find your voice if you feel discouraged at times.

Aishly From The Fashionably Late

In your view, what’s the biggest challenge in the fashion blogging space right now?

I think one of the biggest challenges is staying true to what your niche is and what you blog about. It’s hard to skip out on offers that ideally are great, but in reality don’t have anything to do with what you blog about. Sometimes you just have to politely decline.

Dog or cat?

Dog definitely! I’ve always been a dog person and I start talking in this embarrassing high pitched baby voice at the sight of any pup. 😀

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