Necklace of the Week (Neon)

This week’s necklace was really fun to play around with.  It was a neon yellow statement necklace.  Neon is bright and bold and can be intimidating to wear because it stands out so much.  But you can use this to your favor, you just need to own it!

The general rule of thumb is when wearing a bold bright colored necklace, try not to wear similar shades of that color on your clothing.  For example, since this week’s color was neon yellow, I did not select any shades of yellow in my outfit.  The reason for this is because the colors will clash and you want the bold bright color to take center stage.

Now the easy way out when wearing a necklace like this is to wear safe colors like white or black.  And you’ll see that I did this (I don’t have all day to select my outfits!).  But I also had some fun in the middle of the week by wearing a complex patterned red dress.

A neon necklace can still work against a complex pattern.  It works because the neon can hold it’s own and still really pops off from the complex pattern behind it.  Even though the necklace is a neon yellow, it doesn’t mean you still can’t wear different outfits with it!

Hopefully this week’s necklace and outfits really inspire you to start playing around with different necklaces to see how they can work with your outfits.  Let me know what you think in the comments!

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