Necklace of the Week 3 (Long Layered)

This is week three of our necklace of the week photoshoot.  This week I picked a long layered necklace versus the statement necklaces I have been wearing in previous weeks.  I like long long layered necklaces because it accentuates the body.

Sometimes you want a necklace to be like a collar that brings attention to your neck and face.  But with long necklaces the attention is drawn downwards towards your chest, leaving your shoulders and neck exposed.  A completely different look that can really change an outfit.

You may have noticed that a lot of my outfits were open shoulder or with a plunging neckline.  I wanted you to see how a long necklace can differ from a standard statement necklace.  Try it at home with one of your long necklaces and send me a picture to let me know how it works out!

Necklace of the Week: What is this?!

The premise is simple, I change the outfit each day of the week, but reuse the same necklaces.  I started this out because sometimes I hear girls tell me that they can only wear a certain necklace with one type of outfit.

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Part 1: Necklace of the Week

Part 2: Necklace of the Week (Turquoise)





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