Collaboration on PAN: The Journey Begins (2015 Film)

In 2015, we’ve had some exciting design collaborations with movies such as Paper Towns, Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, and now PAN: The Journey Begins.  All of our jewelry is exclusive and licensed through the movie studios which means it’s 100% official!   Don’t accept any imitations.

When we collaborate on jewelry designs, we take inspiration from the movie’s artists and actors to help bring the movie universe into our jewelry.  Unlike T-shirts and apparel where movie stills can just be printed on the fabric, jewelry designs take very careful planning and craftsmanship to insure that the spirit of the movie is translated into a tiny piece.

For PAN, we wanted to craft several necklaces that would really capture the world of Neverland.  Our compass necklace, terrarium with a ship necklace, and PAN locket necklace were all carefully handmade and feature intricate details that will hopefully inspire you to remember the Neverland of your childhood.

Our PAN accessories were recently featured on the Youtube channel Kittiesmama. With over 1.3 million subscribers, the channel is about three wonderful kids interacting with products, talking about the movie, and undergoing a costume challenge.  Check their unboxing of our accessories here:

Our PAN jewelry was also reviewed on EvanTube another Youtube star with over 2 million subscribers.  Check out Evan and his sister with our PAN compass necklace and ship in a bottle necklace.


We will keep updating this article if our PAN jewelry is featured anywhere else.  Stay tuned!

Find out more about PAN: The Journey Begins coming to theaters October 8.

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