Boho and Boho Glam

What is boho?  What is boho glam?  Is it an actual trend or just fashionista babble?  Hmmmmm….  Surprisingly this is a question I get quite often in my inbox.  I think some of the challenge in defining these styles is that you have to see it to define it; not to mention there is a lot of crossover in the style.  That being said, I am going to take a stab at it.



Boho derives from the term bohemian which was a word that was commonly used to describe people from Bohemia, a region of Europe which in turn became known for traveling wanderers (i.e. gypsies).  The people from the region traditional garb would be colorful and bright.  In later years, the fashion term was shortened to boho and was used to describe a hippie type of style: think the fashionable hippie who is free spirited and wears fringe skirts, layered flowing outfits, and warm colors.  This is the styling you would see at Coachella.  Since this needs to be visualized, here are some results from a quick Google image search for the term boho.


Yup, you guessed it: glam is also a shortened word.  Glam came from the word glamour.  Glamour originally referred to an occult spell that was cast on someone to create an illusion of what the caster wanted her target to see.  In later derivations, the term glamour actually became more positive.  Strange how an accusation of a glamour may have condemned a woman to death by fire and now glamour in fashion typically refers to something that is luxurious or even elegant.

Glam style is a little more difficult to pin down since it is a little more open to interpretation than boho.  Glam style can be broken into several subcategories such as glam rock, glam urban, glam vintage, etc.  However, let’s keep this simple for purposes of this discussion.  Glam style tends to be more statement oriented and some might even describe it as a bold look with hints of ostentatiousness.  Google images gives a variety of looks for glam.


Boho + Glam

Now that you are thoroughly confused, let’s circle back to boho glam.  Boho glam is a more elevated look to boho.  I differentiate the style as a little more refined and/or elegant.  It’s taking that Coachella look and dialing it up a notch so that it’s possible to work in a more formal setting.  In the case of jewelry where boho might be a simple layered necklace, boho glam would be a statement necklace that is more substantial.  Take a look at the two examples below.

Boho Necklace

Boho Layered Necklace

Boho Glam Statement Necklace

Okay, so where does boho chic fit in?  Well, there are two schools of thought here.  Some refer to boho and boho chic interchangeably.  And then there are some fashionistas who think boho is more of the “true” hippy look and boho chic is more of that Free People hipster look–in other words the essence of the gypsy look that captures the layers, fringe, warm colors, and flowing skirts but leaves the bell bottoms and moo moos in the closet.

To Recap:

  • Boho and boho chic can probably be used interchangeably
  • Boho glam is an elevated style that is a little more elegant than simply boho

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