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Necklace of the Week (Blue Layer)

This week’s necklace was really two necklaces.  I cheated, so sue me!!  I find that sometimes a necklace isn’t quite “finished” until you layer it up.  I decided to layer this bad girl up.  And to help me demonstrate, I have Bethany, my assistant mannequin to stand in.  Bethany was included this week because it may be hard to see the layers without a black background.  So thank you, Bethany!

Blue Layered Necklace - Comfy Pants!

Blue Layered Necklace – Comfy Pants!

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Necklace of the Week (Red)

This week’s necklace was a little more tame.  It’s opposite of last week’s neon yellow necklace that grabbed your attention right from the start.  This necklace is much more subtle and seductive.  So how do you make a necklace that whispers to you attention-grabbing?  Well, for starters, you really need to pick your outfits carefully!

Red Statement Necklace - Dress to Impress

Red Statement Necklace – Dress to Impress

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Necklace of the Week (Neon)

This week’s necklace was really fun to play around with.  It was a neon yellow statement necklace.  Neon is bright and bold and can be intimidating to wear because it stands out so much.  But you can use this to your favor, you just need to own it!

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Necklace of the Week 3 (Long Layered)

This is week three of our necklace of the week photoshoot.  This week I picked a long layered necklace versus the statement necklaces I have been wearing in previous weeks.  I like long long layered necklaces because it accentuates the body.

Sometimes you want a necklace to be like a collar that brings attention to your neck and face.  But with long necklaces the attention is drawn downwards towards your chest, leaving your shoulders and neck exposed.  A completely different look that can really change an outfit.

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Necklace of the Week 2 (Turquoise)

This is week two of our necklace of the week photoshoot.  The premise is simple, I change the outfit each day of the week, but reuse the same necklace.

I started this out because sometimes I hear girls tell me that they can only wear a certain necklace with one type of outfit.  For example, my friend Kim told me the other day that she doesn’t like to buy statement necklaces because she can only wear them when she dresses up.  I think this is simply not true.

A lot of girls don’t know how a necklace that may look formal, can work with a casual outfit as well.  So I started necklace of the week to illustrate my point that necklaces can be very versatile.  Necklaces can help compliment an outfit and a lot of times complete an outfit. Continue Reading


NYFW: Anna Sui Show

Stephanie Boho Dress

In honor of Anna Sui’s event I wore a boho look to the show.

I have to agree with my designer, Tiffany.  I am not a fan of the new venue.  It just seems blah compared to the character of Bryant Park.  My offices are right next to Bryant Park and I used to love walking home from work and running into models and celebrities dashing in and out of the tents.

Anna Sui and the Runway

Yesterday was the penultimate day of the New York show where I had the chance to see Anna Sui’s Spring 2016 Collection. Continue Reading


Necklace of the Week

At 10PM Fashion, we believe that the necklace should compliment the outfit and sometimes even complete the outfit. To illustrate our point, we are going to take a picture once a day of a different outfit….with the same necklace.

Pick your poison: workwear, night out, casual Sunday, and everydaywear.

This week’s necklace was one of 10PM’s statement necklaces featuring small white flower petals made from stones.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

This will be a weekly event and we hope you will follow along as we do it on our Instagram account: @itstenpm

What's Trending?

Septums: A Look at the Trend

One of the cool things about working in the fashion industry is seeing what is trending.  A lot of fashion bloggers identify trends by observing what is hot on the runway or what celebrities are donning.

After one whole quart of brandy, like a daisy im awake #artravetokyo SHOW 2 Stadium Style

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One of the advantages I have beyond observations is that I sell jewelry to retailers so I know what is trending mainstream and I have the sales data to back it up.  So yeah, Rihanna may be wearing faux septums in her 2014 tour across Europe or Lady Gaga may be posting her septum on Instagram, but I know that the trend didn’t start truly hitting across American malls until early 2015. Continue Reading